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Saturday, August 30
· International Commercial Arbitration Seminar. 5-11 December 2003.
Wednesday, August 06
· Collection of ICC Arbitral Awards

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Why E-Arbitration-T® Open Source Platform?

IOTA The origins of E-Arbitration-T concept date back to 1997 in accordance with the need to implement a dispute resolution system within the Global Trade Point Network of United Nations Transaction Centre (UNTPDC - UNCTAD).

The first lines of work were submitted to the international community by the arbitration expert Eduardo Paz Lloveras manager director of Comercio Electrónico Global Spain in 1998 at the Fifth United Nations World Trade Point Meeting. The same year, the concept was validated within the framework of the G7/G8 Project "A Global Marketplace for SMEs , through the "Testbed E-Arbitration Tribunal Project: New Approaches to Solve Conflicts between SMEs Resulting from the use of New Information Technologies in Electronic Transactions".

Once this phase of academic and theoretical research was over, Comercio Electrónico Global Spain organised a new consortium for E-Arbitration-T Project inviting European companies, universities and arbitration centres with well-known experience in the different fields that concur on research issues: technology, legislation and process practice.

E-Arbitration-T® has worked to desing a technological innovation that will provide ADR tribunals and centres with a set of integrated applications to give their neutrals and clients control over the procedures and operational processes with complete case management tools. Unlike other products which only recognise legal entities the platform will recognise individual people as well as the companies and organisations they represent. The system will provide an Open Source, immediate, intelligent and personalised assistance to all persons involved in a dispute. Also, the system will simplify and improve the business process flow.

NEO In broad outline, the New E-Arbitration-T® Platform will provide electronic support for:

:: Open Source Software for ADR Procedures:

:: Flexible Automation of ADR Procedures:

- intelligent case management and "what next" guidance
- a visible case map adapted to the needs of the current dispute

:: Document and Evidence Management:

- online forms for guidance in preparation
- secure storage and distribution on submission

:: Real-time Interaction
(for all clients and neutrals):
- video conferencing support
- secure trial transcripts
- discussion forums

:: High Security and Integrity Procedures:

- Electronic signatures and other forms of electronic authentication
- Online payment (guarantee deposits, arbitration fees, administration fees, etc.)

:: Multilingual Environment

:: What more?
...We are working to squeeze the best technologies to apply them to the mediation and arbitration systems. You can create your own account HERE and participate in the discussions of this portal and share the informations of your ADR centre. Be in touch with us.

Monero E-Arbitration-T® corporate name, product names, website, web contents, domine name, symbols, desings, graphics and advertising material © 2001, 200, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Copyright by Comercio Electrónico Global Spain

E-Arbitration-T®: An Alternative Dispute Resolution For SMEs, All Rights Reserved by Comercio Electrónico Global Spain

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Distance Learning ODR Course
Events and Courses on ADR/ODR A Colleague writes "E-Arbitration-T, the University of Massachusetts and the ODR - Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution are pleased to announce the Online Dispute Resolution distance learning course during the spring 2005 semester. "
Posted by eglobal on Wednesday, February 02 @ 16:46:52 CET
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Litigation: Arbitration online
World of Arbitration A Colleague writes "A lot of dispute resolution business comes to the UK. Between 6,000 and 8,000 cases find their way here each year for arbitration or other forms of mediation, such as ADR. At least half of this is related to shipping industry disputes, processed in the UK on behalf of Lloyd’s of London, but there is a significant amount of commercial dispute resolution too."
Posted by eglobal on Tuesday, February 01 @ 16:56:15 CET
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What is the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Database (UDRP-DB)?
Online Dispute Resolution News A Colleague writes "The Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) established a process as well as a policy, a set of procedures for resolving domain name disputes as well as a set of standards to be employed in making decisions. The principal standard is “bad faith” but in order to determine whether a domain name holder’s behavior violates this standard, a fairly detailed process was put in place for selecting panelists, obtaining and exchanging information, reaching a decision within a specified time period, and, depending upon the decision of the panelist, changing, canceling or preserving the registration.

The UDRP process, like all legal processes, consists of a string of coordinated communication and information processing activities. Parties, panelists and providers must acquire, retrieve, understand, communicate and evaluate information in order to reach the end point of the process. If any of these informational activities are burdensome, the process may not operate efficiently, and, if more burdensome for one party than the other, the process may be unfair. For example, obstacles placed in the way of searching for information can affect whether certain arguments are made and how they are framed, whether costs are higher than they need to be, whether professional expertise is needed, and even whether a respondent decides to participate in the process."
Posted by eglobal on Tuesday, February 01 @ 16:40:22 CET
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ODR Symposium at Tilburg University (The Netherlands), 7 december 2004
Events and Courses on ADR/ODR ODR_Moderator writes "Symposium

Online Dispute Resolution: a Technical Solution for Conflicts

Tuesday 7 December 2004, 14:00 - 17:00 at Tilburg University, Building A, Room AZ 186
ICTs have the potential to enhance and revolutionize conflict resolution mechanisms by making these processes more efficient and cheaper. The lectures will give an in-depth introduction to the emerging field of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and will discus the benefits of and challenges for ODR technology.


14:00 - 14:05 dr. Ronald Leenes Welcome

14:05 - 14:35 prof. Maurits Barendrecht
Access to Courts and Civil Procedure Rules? Key Features of Effective
Institutions for Dispute Resolution

14:35 - 15:05 mr. Berend de Vries
ODR: Challenges and Opportunities for Enhancing Dispute Resolution

15:05 - 15:15 Discussion: ADR/ODR - a solution? For what?

15:15 - 15:30 tea break

15:30 - 16:00 dr. Arno Lodder
How to support parties in ODR best? Fundamental and practical
guidelines on the use of technology

16:00 - 16:30 prof. John Zeleznikow
Using game theory and artificial intelligence to provide support with
regard to trade offs - a case study.

16:30 - 16:45 dr. Ronald Leenes
Layla, the Layman's legal assistant, glimpse of a new research project

16:45 - 17:00 Discussion: ODR technology

17:00 Cocktail reception

For more information, see

You can attend free of charge, please ..."
Posted by eglobal on Friday, November 12 @ 23:37:01 CET
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4th International Competitions for Online Dispute Resolution (ICODR 2005)
Events and Courses on ADR/ODR A Colleague writes "Registration for the 4th Annual International Competitions for Online Dispute Resolution (ICODR 2005) is open again. The competitions will be held early next year.
The goal is to enhance worldwide law student understanding of online dispute resolution. Competitions are being held again in negotiation, mediation, and arbitration and a prototype litigation competition is being started this year. ICODR is open to law students anywhere in the world and is free.

All that the student needs is access to the internet with a browser and permission of a faculty member to participate. Schools in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States have expressed interest so far. For further information about fielding teams or acting as an evaluator, please go to or contact Alan Gaitenby at gaitenby(at) or Benjamin Davis at ben.davis(at)

Best regards,

Benjamin Davis
Associate Professor of Law
University of Toledo College of Law
2801 W. Bancroft Street
Toledo, Ohio 43606
Tel.: 1 419 530 5117
Fax: 1 419 530 2439

To participate, law students need only have 1) access to the internet through a browser and 2) permission of a faculty member. The competitions are free of charge. This year we will again have online negotiation, mediation, and arbitration competitions. As a new development we will also hold a prototype online litigation competition.
ICODR Registration (schools and evaluators)
ICODR 2005 Negotiation Competition Rules and Schedule
ICODR 2005 Mediation Competition Rules and Schedule
ICODR 2005 Arbitration Competition Rules and Schedule
ICODR 2005 Prototype Litigation Competition Rules and Schedule

The Process: ...

Posted by eglobal on Friday, November 12 @ 15:37:00 CET
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