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What is the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Database (UDRP-DB)?
Online Dispute Resolution News A Colleague writes "The Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) established a process as well as a policy, a set of procedures for resolving domain name disputes as well as a set of standards to be employed in making decisions. The principal standard is “bad faith” but in order to determine whether a domain name holder’s behavior violates this standard, a fairly detailed process was put in place for selecting panelists, obtaining and exchanging information, reaching a decision within a specified time period, and, depending upon the decision of the panelist, changing, canceling or preserving the registration.

The UDRP process, like all legal processes, consists of a string of coordinated communication and information processing activities. Parties, panelists and providers must acquire, retrieve, understand, communicate and evaluate information in order to reach the end point of the process. If any of these informational activities are burdensome, the process may not operate efficiently, and, if more burdensome for one party than the other, the process may be unfair. For example, obstacles placed in the way of searching for information can affect whether certain arguments are made and how they are framed, whether costs are higher than they need to be, whether professional expertise is needed, and even whether a respondent decides to participate in the process."
Posted by eglobal on Tuesday, February 01 @ 16:40:22 CET
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WIPO Continues Efforts to Stamp Out Cybersquatting
Online Dispute Resolution News A Colleague writes "Efforts by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to combat the abusive registration of trademarks as domain names, or cybersquatting, made significant headway in 2003 although the problem persists most notably for high-value brands around the world. Since the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) went into effect in December 1999, through 2003, WIPO’s Arbitration and Mediation Center has handled some 6,000 disputes, covering 10,000 domain names. Buy"
Posted by eglobal on Wednesday, March 03 @ 18:32:06 CET
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CEDR Launches the First Mediator Audit
Online Dispute Resolution News A Colleague writes "CEDR, in partnership with CMS, is carrying out research into the varying stages of development of mediation in the EU.

The research project follows the European Commission's Green Paper on ADR and the subsequent report of the European Parliament. Both the report and the summary of responses to the Green Paper emphasised the need for further research into ADR before any harmonisation could be attempted on a European level.

The study concentrates on court-annexed mediation schemes for commercial disputes, excluding the areas of family and employment law, and will focus on the 15 member states. The aim of the research is to compile a geographical guide describing the development of ADR in each member state. From this it will be possible to analyse the relative progress of each country and isolate any key issues which warrant further research.

CEDR and CMS aim to regularly update the report in order to provide a contemporary view of the development of mediation across the EU.

Completing the questionnaire
As part of the research we would be grateful if you as a Law Firm, ADR provider, public administrations or other interested stakeholder, could find the time to complete the questionnaire to assist CEDR in compiling an accurate study into the current status of mediation in the EU.

The questionnaire, available in English, French and German, can be downloaded in word format in the following website..
Posted by eglobal on Tuesday, December 02 @ 13:32:22 CET
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European Commission Consultation on Legal Problems in e-Business
Online Dispute Resolution News A Colleague writes "The e-Economy has become a wide-ranging phenomenon, cutting across geographical boundaries and industry sectors with the potential to further boost the Internal Market in the form of economic growth, investment, innovation and job creation.

As a follow-up to the eEurope 2005 Action Plan and the conclusions of the European Council of 20/21 March 2003 stressing the need for exchanging experience in the field of e-business, the European Commission, Directorate General Enterprise, would be interested in your experience as an enterprise doing e-business. The objective is to collect feedback and practical experiences from the market and to identify still existing practical barriers or new legal problems encountered while conducting business electronically.

The consultation will remain open for responses until 7 November 2003. And..
Posted by eglobal on Sunday, October 26 @ 23:37:05 CET
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Mediators Wanted - San Francisco
Online Dispute Resolution News Ken writes "Law school graduates with extensive ADR experience and credentials are sought to join a neutral panel in the San Francisco Bay Area. The panel is part of a new dispute resolution company backed by individuals with a strong background in the alternative dispute resolution industry.

In accordance with industry convention, panelists are independent contractors. They accept cases in their preferred practice areas to meet their desired workload. Practicing attorneys and academics seeking to make mediation a bigger, or better managed, part of their worklife are encouraged to apply.

While our current geographic focus is the San Francisco Bay Area, qualified neutrals in other major cities are also encouraged to contact us.

Please reply by in complete confidence with a resume to"
Posted by eglobal on Sunday, October 26 @ 23:20:48 CET
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